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Are tasks escaping your grasp or diverting your time away from the core activities you do best? If so, I can complete those tasks for you and strengthen your business. I enjoy improving processes and being integral to my clients’ entrepreneurial journeys.

Hi there! I’m Laura Meehan, UK Virtual Assistant

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Starting in marketing, my career as a Virtual Assistant (original trading name: Urban Ally) began in London in 2002. Supported by the Princes Trust, I was one of the first Virtual Assistants in the UK. I enjoy being a VA; relish learning new skills and supporting innovative businesses.

Now based in Suffolk, where I live with my husband, dog and two cats, I enjoy walking, wildlife, gardening, reading about history and exploring British heritage.




With over 20 years experience of helping small business owners in the UK and Denmark reach their goals, I’m innovative and adaptable. My clients don’t usually have dedicated Finance, IT, Marketing and HR departments, so flexibility and initiative are key to my success. If I spot opportunities or issues, I will let you know.


If I think there could be a better way of doing things, I’ll speak-up. Ultimately I’m here to make your working life better. I’m great at analysis and process, with a good dose of inventiveness.


Whether it’s business banking or confidential contracts, you can trust me. I’m happy to put you in touch with my long-term clients, who’ll confirm this.


I will proactively represent and support you. I merge modern, remote working with traditional values of integrity, longevity and personal service. An on-going relationship provides efficiency and authenticity. I get to know your clients, associates and suppliers. (A high support staff turnover rarely appears professional).